Local area


Olofsered is a small village in the south of Alingsås.

We can offer a quiet, rural accommodation with berries and mushrooms around the corner and great walking and running routes.

It is about 1300 m to swimming in the lake Ömmern.

Ömmern is a great lake for canoeing and included in the canoe trail “Alingsås Round” where even Västra- and Eastern Nedsjöarna, Great color, Gerdsken, Mjörn and Sävelången included.

Ömmern is also an excellent fishing lake. Fishing licenses you buy on Alingsas holidays. http://www.estradalingsas.se/alingsas-turistbyra/

There ia a canoe for rent.

About 5 km from our B & B is Ödenäs village, high on a ridge with beautiful views and stunning wide stone fences. Ödenäs is also known for its bastabinne and the television series Home to the village.
Right in the village there is the small fine museum “Centre for bastabinne” showing different matter in bastabinne and describes the technology. Read more on www.odenashembygdsforening.se

“Home to the village” is a TV seie with 52 sections, broadcast between 1971 and 2006. It is Sweden’s most long-lived TV series. Most of the locations were in Ödenäs.

About 10 km from our B & B is Hindås who is an old storied winter sports.
There is an ICA store, a craft shop, pizzeria, gas station, etc.

You can rent a canoe of Hindas canoe club.

Wilderness Trail and the Bright trail starts Hindåsgården. Several short hiking trails and jogging tracks are also based there.

We also have proximity to attractive cities Alingsas, Boras and Gothenburg and Landvetter Airport.


10 km to ICA Nära Hindås

20 km to the cafe, Alingsås

22 km from Landvetter Airport

42 km to Liseberg (Gothenburg)

43 km to Borås Zoo and Knalleland

95 km to Ullared